Boundary Surveys

Before construction of a telecommunications or cellular tower, a boundary survey determines whether the tower will stay within the boundaries of the leased land. Survey Works has the experience necessary to perform boundary surveys within the telecommunications field. Our trusted team of surveyors provide accurate surveys to ensure you remain within regulations.

What Does a Telecommunication Boundary Survey Include?

Typically the first of many surveys required when building a telecommunications tower or cellular tower, a boundary survey includes two important steps. The surveyor will research land records to find the historical boundary measurements, and then use GPS technology and physical aids to measure the actual land boundary. The surveyor documents easements and access points, and sets physical markers to allocate space for placement of the tower on the land.

The Importance of Boundary Surveys

Placing a cellular tower comes with many legal considerations, and building it includes other logistical hurdles. Most companies build cellular towers on land they have leased from another individual, so the company must take care to abide by the terms of the lease. In addition, multiple local, state, and federal regulations dictate cellular tower placement, including certain FAA regulations. A boundary survey ensures that the proposed placement of the cellular tower adheres to all levels of government regulation, as well as the boundary, access, and easement requirements of the lease. Due to the importance of these requirements, only licensed, experienced surveyors should conduct boundary surveys, to ensure the accuracy and legality of the tower’s placement.

The team of professionals at Survey Works has the years of experience and dedication necessary to ensure accurate, reliable boundary surveys. What’s more, we will conduct your survey in a timely manner, ensuring your project will move forward as planned. For more information or a quote detailing your specific needs, contact Survey Works at your earliest convenience.