Telecommunications Surveys

Before placement of any telecommunications or cellular tower, a licensed surveyor must conduct an official land survey. Survey Works provides telecommunication and cellular land surveys in compliance with local, state, federal and FAA regulations. We provide accurate surveys that won’t break your bottom line.

The rising number of cellular towers makes accurate, detailed surveys a crucial part of telecommunications tower placement.

As a part of our telecommunications and cellular tower surveying process, we are proud to offer pre-build and as-built surveys to meet your needs at every stage of the telecommunications tower build process. Our boundary surveys, raw land tower site surveys, and roof top communications surveys can provide the information you need before building begins.

Tower as-built surveys can help you ensure your current build falls within specifications, while tower height certification, FAA certification, co-location tower site surveys, tower title reviews, and ALTA surveys can provide you with the information you need post-build. Finally, our lease expansion surveys are available at any time you are considering adding more land to your tower site.

If you’d like to learn more about our survey services, or would like a personalized quote, contact Survey Works today.