Raw Land Tower Site Surveys

Proposed cellular towers on a piece of vacant land require several survey types. Perhaps the most important is the raw land tower site survey. Survey Works specializes in telecommunications surveys, including raw land tower site surveys. Our dedicated team will perform an accurate survey every time to ensure your project remains with FAA regulations as well as federal, local, and state guidelines.

Why Are Raw Land Tower Site Surveys Needed?

A raw land tower site survey provides details about a potentially never-used piece of land without current utilities. As such, the land likely has no documented information, and when run in conjunction with a boundary site survey, a raw land tower site survey can provide a variety of details necessary for tower placement. A licensed surveyor will research the piece of land before visiting on-site to physically inspect it.

The information provided includes topographical details, land features such as trees or water, elevations, and easement or access point information. As mentioned this survey typically goes along with a boundary site survey as well as FAA 1A or 2C certification. In this manner, the company, builder, leasing property owner, and the necessary government entities will receive pertinent information. Only then can tower placement and construction proceed.

When Should I Schedule a Raw Land Tower Site Survey?

In general, if you are considering placing a cellular or other communications tower on a new piece of previously unused land, you will need a raw land tower site survey. The implications of tower placement on such land are unknown, and procuring a survey before you begin will do much more than outline your boundaries. We examine the elements of the land, so there are no surprises on groundbreaking day.

Survey Works team of experts has the years of experience to provide you with accurate, timely raw land tower site surveys. Contact us for more information regarding this type of survey, as well as all our other telecommunications survey services.