Co-Location Tower Site Surveys

If multiple cellular carriers intend to make use of a single cellular tower, a land surveyor must first perform a co-location survey.

Why Are Co-Location Surveys Necessary?

Cellular service has become widespread over the years, with multiple companies competing for business while attempting to expand and refine their service areas. Coverage areas overlap in most cases, and many times, two companies will negotiate with each other and with local landowners to share the same tower location, a practice known as co-location. However, both companies must be able to access the land, which can make easements, access points, and even lease arrangements much more complex. Co-location surveys address these complexities for all parties involved. Co-location surveys provide information regarding the easements and access points for all interested parties, in addition to elevation and structure details. The surveyor will also help ensure local, state, and federal regulations are satisfied regarding the placement and construction of the tower.

When Should You Schedule a Co-Location Tower Site Survey?

While there are other necessary surveys involved with the construction of cellular communications towers, schedule a co-location survey in the following instances:

  • You intend to lease your land to two separate companies proposing to utilize the same cellular tower.
  • You already have an existing cellular tower on your property and a separate company who also wishes to use it approaches you.

The complicated legal and logistical situations associated with co-locating cellular towers call for a licensed surveyor with experience in the area. Survey Works’ team provides professional, timely, accurate telecommunication surveys that help ensure your project abides by necessary regulations while providing you with excellent customer service.

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