Lease Area Expansions

Lease area expansion survey

If you are a telecommunications company wishing to lease additional land for added or expanded cellular tower construction, you will need a lease area expansion survey. Survey Works’ dedicated team provides detailed, accurate lease area expansion surveys to help ensure your process goes smoothly. Our team will help ensure your expansion falls within city, county, state, and federal regulations, and we care enough to provide you with excellent, timely customer service.

When Should You Schedule a Lease Area Expansion Survey?

Telecommunications providers may request a lease area expansion survey for the following reasons:

  • An existing tower has an expansion scheduled.
  • A larger tower must replace an existing tower.
  • Another telecommunications provider will co-locate the tower and wishes to lease additional land.
  • The company wishes to lease additional land to make accessing the property easier, especially for tower maintenance and upkeep.

If any of these instances is true for you, your company will need to request a lease area expansion survey to ensure your lease remains within regulations.

Which Elements Are Included in A Lease Area Expansion Survey?

Lease area expansion surveys are very similar to tower construction surveys. A surveyor will travel to the intended land, measure and notate all boundaries and features of the land, and mark all boundaries with visible markers. The survey will reveal the dimensions of the new land, the dimensions of the total land lease, and compare the two.

Lease agreements associated with cell towers can be complex. For that reason, it’s important to choose a surveyor with experience in the telecommunications tower land lease area. This ensures the attention to detail necessary to ensure accuracy of all the boundaries at stake. Survey Works features years of combined experience in surveying.

If you’d like more information about lease area expansion surveys or any of our services, reach out to Survey Works for more details or a personalized quote.