FAA 1A and 2C Certification

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations state that cellular tower site elevation and location information must be FAA certified to ensure accuracy. Survey Works offers a host of telecom survey services, including FAA 1A and 2C certification. We can help you ensure your cell tower and its location comply with federal regulations.

FAA Certification

Cellular and other communications towers of a certain height must adhere to strict FAA standards to ensure that aircraft are able to fly safely overhead. In addition, the FAA requires accurately reporting the locations and elevations of these towers, so that aircraft are aware of them. The FAA has developed a set of standards to regulate the margin of error and resulting accuracy of these reports, and surveyors must certify towers based on these standards. A licensed land surveyor must inspect the property and the tower to record its location and elevation details. After completion, we provide a letter of certification for submission to the FAA.

When Should You Schedule FAA Certification?

Cellular towers reaching 200 feet or higher must obtain one of the two FAA certifications, dependent on the tower’s location.

  • 1A certification allows tolerance of +20 horizontal feet and +3 vertical feet
  • 2C certification allows tolerance of +50 horizontal feet and +20 vertical feet

Schedule these certifications for any new towers or if a regulatory commission asks you to certify the height of an existing tower. Since the certifications ensure accuracy to the FAA and US federal government within the listed number of feet, horizontally and vertically, the surveyor must provide a signature as well as the appropriate seal.

If you would like more information about obtaining either 1A or 2C FAA certification, or are unsure which certification is appropriate for the tower in question, contact the experts at Survey Works today. We can provide a free, personalized quote based on the specifics of your project.