Tower As-Built Surveys

Cellular tower placement requires several surveys to keep the construction and the tower itself in compliance with the multiple local, state and federal regulations currently in existence. The actual construction process requires several more tower as-built surveys to keep the construction process in compliance with the many zoning regulations, as well as to ensure the process is going to plan.

What is a Tower As-Built Survey?

The purpose of a tower as-built survey is to depict the construction process as it exists at a certain point in time and provide a current report of the progress. It demonstrates the progress of the project and shows builders, local zoning commissions, and other authorities that the project remains within regulations. Commercial projects and residential projects frequently order as-built surveys to show progress and to avoid making building mistakes that can be hard to fix later. As-built surveys are especially important for cellular towers which must comply with FAA regulations in addition to local or city zoning regulations and the terms the land lease supplied.

When Should I Schedule a Tower As-Built Survey?

You should schedule tower as-built surveys at various stages throughout the build process to ensure the construction process continues within regulations. As mentioned, it is crucial to address this frequently in order to avoid mistakes. You should schedule a tower as-built survey as soon as possible if requested by the communication company, local regulatory entities, or the FAA, and at your discretion throughout the construction process.

Cellular towers are a crucial piece of the communications landscape and installation requires the utmost attention to detail, both in the placement and construction phases. Given this attention to detail, it is also important that the surveys conducted on them are accurate and timely. Survey Works’ dedicated team has years of experience with as-built surveys and has the expertise necessary to help ensure each project complies with industry and government regulations.

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