Rooftop Communication Surveys

Before a telecommunications company places a cellular antenna on a rooftop, a rooftop communication survey must take place. Survey Works offers a host of telecommunication surveys, including rooftop surveys.

What Is a Rooftop Communication Survey?

Many considerations come into play before the placement of a rooftop cellular communications antenna. You must ensure the antenna is in a location with the structural integrity to support the antenna itself and any maintenance personnel, and position the antenna with respect to line of sight concerns and any neighboring features. If the telecommunications company does not own the building, they must address easement and access points, plus ownership and leasing concerns.

Rooftop communication surveys aim to provide all the necessary information about the rooftop and surrounding areas. The surveyor measures the rooftop and marks the proposed location for the antenna. The surveyor then marks boundaries of the area involved, their elevations, existing structural support, and means of access, egress and regress. He or she also scans neighboring properties for pertinent information, and provides the information if necessary. After the survey is complete, the information is available for building owners, lessees, and communications companies to properly place the antenna.

Why Schedule a Rooftop Communication Survey?

Additional safety concerns arise when addressing rooftop antennas, particularly with their maintenance and access, so it is crucial that survey information is as accurate as possible. Any time builders change the features on a rooftop; they must record elevation and address the entrance. You can trust Survey Works to provide reliable, accurate information in the timely manner you’ve come to expect from our dedicated team.

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