Cellular Tower Height Surveys

Placement and construction of a cellular tower requires a variety of surveys, but verification of a tower’s height through a cellular tower height survey is necessary immediately after building the tower. A licensed telecom surveyor must perform this survey to ensure the accuracy of the reported height of the tower. Survey Works’ team of professionals will ensure you are delivered the most up-to-date tower height information so that you are able to prove the tower falls within local, state, and federal regulations, as well as within FAA requirements.

When Should You Schedule a Cellular Tower Height Survey?

Before building a cellular tower, an array of surveys ensure the planned tower remains within the land lease requirements as well as within height regulations. During the construction of the tower, further surveys ensure the construction has gone as planned and the tower will not exceed FAA height regulations. Cellular tower height surveys are typical in the following situations:

  • The builder needs to ensure a newly completed tower remains within regulations.
  • A communications company needs to determine whether antennas and other elements have been installed at the proper heights or needs to make vertical adjustments
  • A builder alters tower, often with the addition of an antenna, to maximize signal performance, and needs a new height survey to ensure it remains within regulations.

In order to ensure the accuracy of a cellular tower’s height, it is important to find a licensed surveyor using the best technology available to determine tower height. Survey Works utilizes both conventional survey techniques and GPS technology to provide you with timely, accurate surveys.

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