Cell Tower Title Reviews

If you are buying or selling a piece of land containing a cellular tower, it’s important to schedule a title review survey in addition to the other necessary surveys. Survey Works’ team has many years of combined experience in performing these special surveys as well as many other forms of telecom surveys, and we provide accurate, timely surveys to ensure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

Why Are Cell Tower Title Reviews Important?

The presence of a cell tower on a piece of land can add a list of complications to the purchase or sale of the land itself. Easements and access points must be available on the land to allow access to the cellular company involved, and the conditions of the land lease must be able to transfer to the new owner. You must provide all information regarding the easements and characteristics of the land and tower to the proper regulatory agencies to prevent issues in the future. A cell tower review can ease this burden by reviewing the location of the tower and the specifics of the lease boundaries to ensure all the necessary details are present.

When Should You Schedule a Cell Tower Title Review?

Although there are other necessary survey requirements, schedule a cell tower title review if either of the following are true:

  • You wish to buy or sell a piece of land with an existing cell tower within the boundaries.
  • You are a telecommunications provider with interest in a cell tower on a piece of land that is up for sale.

If you are buying or selling land that features a cell tower, it is critical that a cell tower title review take place to ensure the accuracy of all land details. Survey Works is here to provide timely, accurate title review surveys to help you achieve peace of mind that your property sale remains within regulations.

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